Northridge Dentist, Dr. Ariz, Offers Complementary Periodontal Evaluation

June 23, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Farshid Ariz, Northridge dentist, is offering a complementary periodontal evaluation. This type of evaluation can be very beneficial in detecting any problems with the gums that might be an indication of periodontal disease. Gum disease can result in the loss of teeth and bone, so it is important to keep the gums healthy and to also have examinations for the detection of problems. Dr. Ariz's complementary periodontal evaluation is the type of procedure that will bring to light any situations that could be the beginning of disease. With prompt treatment, the loss of teeth and bone can be prevented.

Periodontal disease can cause other health problems. Heart disease and stroke have been linked to periodontal disease because of bacteria in the gums that can travel through the bloodstream into other areas of the body. So preventing this type of disease in the mouth can also prevent other forms of illness in other parts of the body. And a periodontal evaluation is the best way to see what shape the gums are in and if there is the existence of any type of gum problems. Should any disease exist, there are treatments that can be very effective in restoring the gums to good health.

Dr. Ariz and his staff are also very well-versed in other types of dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry, a way of improving the teeth, can offer various techniques to give patients the white, healthy smile that they would like to have. And restorative procedures are also available to patients that will restore missing teeth and even provide full mouth reconstruction, if necessary.

With regular examinations and cleanings, children and adults can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Ariz and his staff. Healthy teeth and gums are important for everyone, no matter what age. Dr. Ariz, Northridge cosmetic dentist, has an experienced staff well-trained in treating patients of different ages with any type of dental problem. And if no problem exists, Dr. Ariz can help patients maintain good oral hygiene and keep teeth and gums in a healthy condition.

Complementary periodontal evaluation by Dr. Ariz, trusted dentist Northridge CA

With a complementary periodontal evaluation, gum disease, if it exists, can be caught in the early stages before it has the chance to do any damage. And if the complementary evaluation shows the presence of any disease, no matter what stage, Dr. Ariz and his staff can successfully treat the problem and restore the gums to good health.

To schedule an appointment for the complementary exam or other treatments offered at Northridge Dental Group, you can stop by their office located at 9801 Balboa Blvd., Northridge CA 91325, or call (818) 626-3388 or visit their website at

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