RFIDTags.com Announces Invengo as the Passive RFID Tags Category Sponsor

June 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BlueBean is pleased to announce that Invengo is the site's Passive RFID Tags Category sponsor. Invengo offers low cost Ultra-High Frequency (UHF), High Frequency (HF) passive RFID tags, RFID inlays, smart cards, and RFID readers, at competitive prices.

"Since Invengo recently announced its arrival in western markets we are excited to be partnering with RFIDtags.com to showcase our offering of innovative RFID products," says Invengo's Vice President of Sales & Marketing Philip Calderbank. "We have been working diligently to build a strong reputation for providing quality RFID tags and we feel that becoming the Passive RFID Tag Sponsor is a great step forward in this process."

Invengo's RFID tag selection includes:
- Invengo RFID Smart Card: perfect for truck tracking, trade shows, people tracking, patient tracking, library tracking, access tracking and asset control
- Invengo Jewelry RFID tag: perfect for jewelry inventory management and electronics inventory tracking
- Invengo Great Wall RFID Tag: perfect for supply chain management, retail management, pallet tracking, inventory tracking and asset tracking
- Invengo HF RFID Tag: perfect for supply chain management, library tracking, IT asset tracking and equipment tracking.

"Invengo's line of RFID tags is very diverse and provides our RFID buyers with great options for applications like jewelry, electronics and library tracking and more," says Gregg Maggioli, BlueBean President. "Invengo's quality RFID products are a great asset to our site and we are so excited to have them as the Passive RFID Tag Category sponsor."

About RFIDTags.com
RFIDTags.com, part of BlueBean's suite of RFID-related websites, is the leading online website dedicated to providing the largest selection of RFID tags, labels and cards from the top RFID manufacturers. End users enjoy the depth of information they can conveniently find in a single location. RFID manufacturers enjoy the search engine visibility that RFIDTags.com provides by ranking on the first page for all major search engines. Different RFID tag types active, passive, apparel, rugged, laundry, LF, HF, UHF and more can easily be researched and sample packs ordered.

RFIDTags.com is proud to have Alien Technology as our cornerstone sponsor, UPM Raflatac as our HF category sponsor, Avery Dennison as our UHF category sponsor and Invengo as our Passive RFID category sponsor.

About Invengo
Invengo is a public quoted company and employs around 450 people in its Shenzhen design and manufacturing headquarters. It designs and manufactures a complete range of its own UHF and HF inlays, tags, cards, and readers for many RFID applications including logistics tracking, books and library tracking, healthcare, manufacturing, traffic management and pharmaceuticals. The firm is best known as the RFID technology provider for China Railway's RFID automatic train identification system, which includes 17,000 RFID readers, 565,000 passive tags and an information system integrated across 995 facilities in the China Railway network.