David and Goliath of Computer Disposal and Data Destruction

September 25, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Scrapitout.com handles the proper disposal of information and records to protect against unauthorized access or use of private information as well as environmentally friendly computer disposal.

The United States Federal Trade Commission is the nation’s consumer protection agency that enforces the Official Disposal Rule regarding the proper disposal of data. And The United States Environmental Protection Agency enforces the rules for proper computer disposal.

Scrapitout.com has the competitive advantage of its proprietary systems that leads to business costs well below that of any other in the industry.

Business Trend Analyst Sandeep Jain said, “Their unique web based system and upcoming marketing blitz is evidence that, in the market place the prize doesn’t always go to the biggest player, but to the company that can out smart, out maneuver and out distance their competition.”

Jain continues, "Scrap It Out is putting up a good fight too. Comparing a few operating metrics on an apples-to-apples basis, it becomes clear that they are ready to explode in virtually every category."

According to company founder Phillip J. Kuhlenbeck, “Scrap It Out is pioneering the next big brand, and professionalizing a typically lax and sloppy industry.”

He also likes to boasts that his company is poised for dynamic growth because, "it is run by sales people and software engineers.”

In addition the U.S. EPA is stepping up enforcement, as over 300 Million computers become obsolete in the next few years and changes in technology make it impractical to just donate obsolete technology.

Scrap It Out, LLC and Scrapitout.com are now the growing leader in computer recycling, data destruction and computer disposal technologies for businesses and government agencies of any size.

To make a request for a collection, visit http://www.scrapitout.com