Bands Are Using Social Websites To Reach Fans

July 06, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
More and more bands and musicians are taking to the internet to connect with their fans. While many find connection with their fans through websites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, some bands have taken an initiative to creating their own social network on their site.

While speaking to thousands of fans through their twitter feed can help bands get the word out about their shows, the 140 character limit may be restrictive for the band to fully get out their message. Therefore, to give the band the greatest access to their fans, many bands are creating their own social network by placing social network software on their site.

Many band sites use social website platforms, such as SocialGo, in order to set up a community that fans could easily login and interact. These platforms are easy methods of adding new elements to a site to show fans that the band not only cares about them, but also about what they have to say. Also this will allow the band to see what fans are really saying about their latest tour and album, seeing where they can improve upon or what succeeded to perform better to their fans in the future.

In this way fans not only have the ability to interact with the band that they love but also with other fans, sharing stories about concerts and the band's latest album. Band members can also turn the tables and comment back on fans' posts giving their own two cents as well.

While using popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may allow bands to connect to a great amount of fans, truly allowing them to interact as well as giving the band's website more popularity so when a new album or tour date is released, the fans will immediately know about it. A social networking platform on the band's website permits fans a closer connection to the band they love and, most likely, will increase not only the popularity of the band but also the quality of the performance.