MobileFit Includes Free Nutrition Module with New Features Unveiled at the 2010 General Assembly of YMCAs July 8th – 10th in Salt Lake City

July 06, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
-(Louisville, KY)-MobileFit,( offering intelligent wellness systems for YMCAs internationally, understands that in these recessionary times every member is looking for a bargain, so its new nutrition module has been enhanced and is now a no-charge inclusion in its technology for all participating YMCA members.
Members can now meet with a YMCA wellness coach, answer a series of questions in the MobileFit nutrition software, and then receive a customized nutrition plan. Specialized Regression Science Methodology is used for setting member workouts, and the nutrition module allows for a customized meal plan, nutrition analyses, and even provides a weekly grocery list. The nutrition wizard sets the right course, alongside the PHD meal templates within the MobileFit interface.

The MobileFit nutrition system is designed to be flexible and make proper adjustments to caloric adjustments should the user adjust food selections. Users can even input the types of foods they like, and the nutrition system will create customized meal plans around those preferences, while maintaining the proper nutritional balance. In addition, users can now see how many calories they have consumed versus who many calories they are expending on their exercise sessions with MobileFit and determine if they are on track to lose weight if that is their goal.

About MobileFit
MobileFit, a market leader in intelligent wellness training systems for the YMCAs, was designed by degreed, and certified exercise specialists. Developed specifically for the YMCA market, MobileFit is the next-generation coaching, management, and retention system that enables YMCAs to efficiently expand their health and wellness initiatives, reaching more people. MobileFit's motto: Get 'em, know 'em, keep 'em. The internationally-acclaimed company has touched thousands of lives in its history, keeping America exercising. For more product information, and to sign up for a webinar, call 1-888-817-7404 or send email to