Internet Traffic Wizards to Share Underground Traffic Secrets

July 08, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
July 8, 2010 (Minden, NV, USA): While US retailers suffer through a significant slump in sales and declining stock values, marketers Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason continue to enjoy impressive growth. The duo has defied the recession by putting over a decade's experience in Internet marketing to work.

They now plan to "spread the wealth" by sharing the little-known traffic generation strategies upon which they've relied. Hodgkinson and Gislason will be unveiling "Underground Traffic Blueprints" on July 13. Details are available at the package's website (

Gislason maintains that the pair's online success has stemmed from their ability to "generate millions of targeted visitors to websites every year." He states, "We've learned a number of techniques during our time in the trenches with some of the most secretive marketing success stories and we've decided it's time to let others in on the information. It's time for people to learn what really works."

When asked why "Underground Traffic Blueprints" focuses exclusively on traffic generation techniques, Gislason stated, "You can't make a living on the Internet without traffic. Your site needs targeted visitors."

He continued, "So many people are wasting money on pay per click advertising and other systems. They're getting sick and tired of the false promises they keep getting. We want to be an alternative. We want to give folks a smart, serious, streamlined system to drive web traffic in one package. I think we've done that."

Gislason is, not surprisingly, coy about revealing the details of "Underground Traffic Blueprints" prior to its release. He stated, "Let's just say that this isn't run-of-the-mill stuff. We've been working hand in hand with the best and the brightest for a decade. We know what works and much of it involves strategies most Internet marketers don't even know exist."

The upcoming "Underground Traffic Blueprints" launch has received favorable reviews from other experienced marketers. J.P. Schoeffel, who received a pre-release copy of Hodgkinson's and Gislason's offer, said, "The potential is incredible. The videos are crystal clear and everyone should be able to follow this blueprint."

Gary McCaffrey vouched for the claim of new, "underground" strategies, noting, "I've been marketing online for the best part of a decade now and even I was completely unaware of most of what I've seen in this course."

Hodgkinson and Gislason will officially offer their four-phase "Underground Traffic Blueprints" program to a limited number of buyers on July 13 at 8:00 AM (EDT). Gislason expects a strong response. "In this economy, it's becoming clear that the Internet is the place to be. But that's only true if you can attract potential buyers and subscribers to your websites. We're ready to show people exactly how to get the job done."