Superior Lamp Raises Third and Fourth Quarter Sales Goals

July 19, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As America begins to climb out of the depths of the recent recession there is an ever growing need for energy efficient lighting products, as Superior Lamp markets.

One of the first positive effects after the downfall is that, quite possibly for the first time, America is becoming "energy wise". Superior Lamp feels that because of the combination of the Gulf Oil Disaster and tighter budgets due to the recession that, for the first time, Energy conservation and the 'greening' process of our nation is truly underway. This is being authenticated by the increase in sales of Superior's quality "eco-friendly" and energy saving products, according to Superior Lamp.

Going green and being energy wise, has become something more of the norm in everyday life. Doing your part for the environment is just as important in your place of business as it is in your home. Going green is not just a fad anymore. It is important to you and your community, as well as being friendly to the planet. Once considered fashionable, it is now much more budget-wise to upgrade your home and business in many aspects including lighting and taking an additional step to being green.

Coming to this realization has been the reason that Superior Lamp has launched a number of eco-friendly products including its industrial grade Freshwite fluorescents, hi-tech LED's and their new heavy duty Xtrabrite LED's. The launch of these new products is in response to Superior's continued commitment to energy conservation and the greening process is in the forefront of consumer minds.
"We see good things happening across the nation this quarter and are looking to large increases in the coming quarters" stated Tom Mosher a member of the executive staff at Superior Lamp.

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