Crime Prevention Products Advises Security Lighting Is Not To Be Overlooked

July 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
With statistics showing that 58% of burglaries take place in the evening or night and 34% occurring at the weekend when people are out and about, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products warn that security lighting is not to be overlooked for its effectiveness in keeping homes safe.

Most people in the UK recognise the necessity of a security alarm system which warns of an intruder gaining access to their properties. Security lights are just as crucial in that they deter potential burglars before an attempted break-in. If a private or commercial property is well lit, it becomes far less appealing to criminals they are likely to move onto a softer target where they won't easily be seen. There is also the added benefit that a security light provides comforting illumination when people return home from work at night.

The right security light will depend on the type of property as well as personal needs of each individual. This type of security measure falls under 3 main categories:

Dusk 'Til Dawn
This is a simple but effective way to externally light a property. The lamp simply stays on during the hours of darkness and switches off as it starts to get light. They can be fitted with energy efficient bulbs and they generally last 8 to 10 times longer than a typical household light bulb.

Movement Sensor
The most common form of security lights are those that have a built-in PIR (passive infra-red receiver). They switch on as soon as motion is detected after dark within a set distance. While they are highly energy efficient, they do have drawbacks, such as an occasional false activation (from movement by cats or trees swaying in the wind). They also tend to have a close range of detection so that they only switch on once a criminal is close to gaining access, rather than deterring them before they actually approach the property. Respected security providers offer a manual override on their devices which allow the light to be permanently switched on all night if chosen.

This type of device will programme internal or external household lights to switch on at pre-set times. Some timer switches are designed to replace existing room lights, while others plug into units which fit into a three pin socket. The latter also have models which switch on a radio tuned to a talk channel for the added impression that a home is occupied. Many devices conveniently allow multiple on/off periods for the needs of different days. The benefit of this type of security light is that they can automatically turn on after dark to let potential burglars know there are occupants present. It's also reassuring to return home to a well lit home.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, says, "The most fool proof security lighting system would be both a dusk til dawn lamp and a motion sensor for external detection, together with timers that switch on lights internally in the home. We also advise our customers that while a good alarm system together with sound locks installed are necessary to keep criminals at bay, security lights really boost prevention before an attempted crime takes place and are a very necessary addition to having full peace of mind in protecting their homes."