Alvertis Alize Alexander Making a Difference Texas' Loss Is Hempstead's Gain

October 22, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For immediate release: Alvertis Alize Alexander Making a Difference Texas' Loss Is Hempstead's Gain
By Beryl Stone

Alvertis Alize Alexander is a young woman who is bringing a lot to the community of Hempstead, Long Island, known to her friends as Alize. She was born on Galveston Island in Texas and raised in Houston. While growing up, she got the bug to act. She performed in many hometown productions and began to write roles for her to play.

Alize attended Houston Community College in Texas majoring in the Arts. She joined the United States Army serving as a crewmember for the Pershing II Missile during Desert Storm for three years. The acting bug took her to the west coast, grabbing a role on L.L. Cool J's hit sitcom, "In the House' in 1996. After networking and making connections, she moved to New York and continued to work for L.L. at Camp Cool J.

Armed with a wicked sense of humor and freely admits she was, "always up to something. I always played jokes on people. I am a very witty person and always made up stories to act out. That's part of my theatrical gift.' Despite the gift she possesses, Alize admits to having "stage fright' and to help her she went to the Queens Black Spectrum Theater. She went about her art with full force.

In 1998, she worked for production companies throughout Queens and Manhattan, as a production manager. Eventually, Alize wanted more of the theater and co-founded BAB's Film works and Theatrical Productions in Queens. She is a producer, writer, assistant director and casting agent for the company. This gave Alize free reign to explore her talents even further.

One of her most popular writings was the play "Skeletons'. The play focuses on many taboos in today's society including domestic violence, incest, rape, drug abuse, suicide and murder. The play also focuses on the interaction of family and friends involved in these events and how so many keep traumatic events to themselves and have ‘skeletons in their closets.'

This is BAB's Film works longest running play. In 2004, she was involved in turning this play into a short film. The film is currently running through a number of production companies for review across the country.

Alize has been an actress in a number of her own productions as well as other independent productions. Along with these most formidable credits, she has many directing credits to her name.

She directed many stage productions including, "From The Nose To The Bull', "The Reverend's Bus Ride', "Touched By A Song', "The Long Journey', "The Nail Salon', along with a remake of the Broadway smash, "Dreamgirls'. Alize is also the CEO of Last Minute Productions, which offers up variety shows.

To say Alize is multi-talented is an understatement. Alize is also an author, having a book published entitled, "Innocent to the World But Ready for Life'. She also works in Promotion and Advertising for Strong G Island Biz (SGIB) Magazine-Long Island's First Bilingual Urban Music Magazine.

She has opportunities to interview celebrities, write the story about the interview and occasionally writes a column on Spoken Word and Poetry. Alize often writes poetry and performs Spoken Word at Open Mic shows throughout the Island & city.

Her poetry always focuses on the strength of women of color. Speaking of women, Alize is also the CEO for a community-based group, "Networking Women Bonding and Retreating.' This is a group of women who do just what the title says. They get together to network, bond and take time for themselves to learn from each other and about each other. If this wasn't enough, Alize recently started her own clothing line, "Alve' Threads', which has been exposed to various designers throughout Queens and Manhattan. Everything she touches turns to gold, as this clothing line is starting to take off and get noticed.

In the community, Alize is a member of ASCAP and received an award from the Islip Town Branch of the NAACP for performing vignettes from "Skeletons' in 2003. She has organized fundraisers for the youth's of the community, feeds the homeless and works closely with community leaders to bring about change on Long Island and in Queens.

Alize is a woman of knowledge, talent, multiple gifts and a great sense of humor. Meeting Alvertis Alve' Alize Alexander (point of information-each part of her name goes with one of her many talents) gives one a lot of insight into the woman with goals and who is on a mission to make her mark in the world. For more information about Alize and her many hats, you can contact her at (917) 518-3693.

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