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July 21, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Recent history has showcased Florida as being "taser happy" because of recent incidences, they have gained the reputation that taser assaults happen more often there than the rest of the country. My Florida Defense Lawyer .com has recently talked about this issue on its website at the following link: .

The taser have happened not only at the hands of law enforcement, but from consumers themselves. The fact that they are easy to obtain and carry for consumers has allowed them to be misused One example is an incident where a Florida woman attempted to go after a Wendy's employee presumably for giving her tainted food with a taser gun.

Florida is also the home of the famous "don't tase me, bro" incident an incident that occurred back in September of 2007 at a Florida University where a student was tasered after he resisted the Police's advances to escort him from the forum where John Kerry was speaking. The incident gained major publicity and put taser use into the mainstream inflicting a negative reputation to their use.

There is some argument that tasers are not injurious weapons; that they are merely meant to stun someone who would otherwise hurt themselves or others. However, since 2001, tasers have caused over 100 deaths in the United States and Canada

Some argue that these incidences were uncalled for and inhumane and in the case of the Wendy's employee un-called for. Florida Law allows for taser guns to be carried by Police who have been trained in its use, and make it legal for consumers to carry with restrictions. The potential for Police and consumer over-use and abuse of the taser is very possible as it is an alternative to using and easier to obtain than a fire-arm.

Law states that anyone looking to carry an "electronic weapon or device" - must get a permit. But the statute defines the taser not as an electronic device but a "remote stun gun." The remote stun gun is not listed as one of the weapons covered by the concealed weapons statute. However, assault with a taser is a Felony charge "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon".

Regardless, most civilians can buy weapons or guns without a permit if they keep them in their home for self-protection. As long as they don't carry it with them in public, it is not a concealed weapon, according to officials with the Florida Legislature's information center.

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