Electric Range Cookers Making a Comeback - Britannia Living

July 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Britannia Living believe electric range cookers are making a comeback. All electric range cookers comprise one or more electric ovens plus either a ceramic or an induction hob while dual fuel range cookers comprise one or more electric ovens plus a gas hob. All electric range cookers were often considered an inferior option. They were mainly for consumers whose homes didn't have mains gas and who didn't want to opt for bottled gas.

However, since induction technology has become available, all electric range cookers have become a genuine alternative to dual fuel range cookers.

Chefs enjoy cooking on induction as it offers precise temperature control it is as suitable for creating a very delicate sauce or melting chocolate as it is for boiling large amounts of water for pasta. Moreover, induction cooking is energy efficient as an induction zone is activated only when a pan with a ferrous base is placed on it.

Britannia all electric range cookers are available in 90cm or 100cm widths in a choice of traditional or contemporary styles. The 100cm all electric range cookers have either six induction zones or six ceramic zones, while the 90cm all electric range cookers have five zones. Foodies will be spoilt by features like Britannia's Quickstart function which sees the oven go to 200°C in just six minutes and a rotisserie which cooks chicken, game bird or leg of pork to perfection. For peace of mind, all Britannia range cookers are guaranteed for 2 years. Service is provided by Britannia's own technical and aftersales service department.

For more information, contact the Britannia Sales Office on 01253 471001 or email enquiry@britannialiving.co.uk.