REIA hosts Creative Commercial Real Estate Authority Scott Scheel

August 03, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Real Estate Investors Association of Washington welcomes Scott Scheel, the nation's leading authority on creative commercial real estate investment, to their Seattle area real estate investing club.

"The real estate market as a whole is in crisis," says REIA President Shirley Henderson, "and the commercial market is no exception. While causing hardship for families and businesses alike the current crises also serves to create opportunities for real estate investors. Those opportunities have the potential of both creating substantial wealth for investors and benefiting our communities. Mr. Scheel offers creative approaches to help turn those opportunities into reality."

Scott Scheel has created a commercial real estate empire with no formal education or previous experience. In the last 22 months of investing alone, Scott has generated over $100,000,000 in cash and profits.

Scott's start in commercial real estate was far from what anyone would consider optimal. At the age of 25, Scott Scheel found himself over $100,000 in personal debt, virtually homeless, behind on every credit obligation, and unemployed following a failed business venture. Having only a high school education and with no credit, money or previous experience, he bought his first investment property, a 24-unit apartment building, with no money out of his pocket. This property had an immediate $6,000 per month positive cash flow and generated over $1.5 Million in spendable cash.

Scott has gone on to become a self-educated Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur and 2-time Congressional Businessman of the Year as recognized in the Wall Street Journal.

Current commercial opportunities in Apartments, Retail, Office and Land are unprecedented. According to Scott "As Creative Commercial Real Estate Investors, we are one of the primary groups that will be there to take the mess and turn it around by creating opportunity, jobs, bringing stability, rebuilding confidence and in the process gaining tremendous wealth for ourselves and those we work with. We will do this just like we did after the Energy Crisis in the 1970's, the Savings and Loan implosion of the 1980's, the Internet Tech Bubble of the 1990's, the devastation of the terror attacks of 9/11 or what will come after this real estate and currency crisis."

"I couldn't agree more with Scott", says REIA CEO Fox Henderson, "Real estate investors not only have a phenomenal opportunity but a responsibility to do our part to clean up the mess".

REIA will welcome Scott Scheel at the REIA Monthly Meeting in August 2010. This evening event is an opportunity to meet Scott Scheel and hear an overview of how to profit as our country continues to move through the real estate bubble whether investors have money, credit or previous experience. Each REIA Monthly Meeting includes exceptional networking with other real estate investors. Registrations are strongly recommended.

To learn more about REIA, investing in real estate or to register for the August Monthly Meeting with J. Scott Scheel, please visit us on the web at, email, call 425-454-1922 or call toll-free at 1-877-454-REIA (7342).