Fordyce Spots announces new guide on their site

August 09, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
International medical company Anti-Sebum have released a new guide to the common but frequently misunderstood condition of Fordyce Spots. The guide, available for free at aims to raise awareness for the medical complaint, which disproportionately affects teenagers and young adults.

Fordyce Spots, which may appear on the lips or the genitals and typically first become visible in adolescence, are naturally occurring and harmless, but are frequently mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease. In some cases, the yellow or white spots can lead to embarrassment, reluctance to have sexual intercourse, and stress despite the fact that they do not indicate any underlying medical problem and can usually be treated easily and effectively with topical gels.

The guide includes a survey of Anti-Sebum customers, which found that the majority of clients noticed the condition in their early-to-mid teens; 88 percent first noticed the spots before age 17, with 45 percent first noticing it between the ages of 13 and 15.

Men were slightly more likely to be affected, making up 52 percent of those polled. More than half of respondents had Fordyce Spots on both their genitals and their lips, whilst over a third had them only on the genitals and one in nine only on the lips.

Surveys of the wider population have suggested that as many as 80 percent of young adults are affected by Fordyce Spots to some extent, though many will not realise they have the condition.

Anti-Sebum director Giles Peters commented, 'This guide is an important step in raising awareness for a common but rarely-discussed condition. Our hope is that this will help to normalise a complaint that many people feel highly self-conscious about thereby encouraging them to seek the treatment options that are both effective and readily available.'