Symptoms and Treatments for Childhood Depression Explained by NJ Psychiatrist

August 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Princeton, NJ "Childhood or teenage depression is frequently misdiagnosed or ignored," observers NJ psychiatrist Dr. Yitzhak Shnaps. If your child exhibits more than a few of the symptoms listed below, think about having him or her visit a psychiatrist for a depression screening.

- Trouble focusing, recalling details, and making decisions
- Fatigue and reduced energy
- Thoughts of guilt or worthlessness
- Very pessimistic
- Insomnia or excessive sleep or insomnia
- Irritability
- Losing interest in activities or hobbies
- Eating too much or loss of appetite
- Constant pains, headaches or digestive trouble
- Recurring feelings of sadness or anxiety
- Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts
"If your child experiences depression, he or she should see a psychiatrist or other qualified health professional," says Dr. Shnaps, a child psychiatrist in NJ. "The sooner treatment starts, the more effective it's likely to be."
"Lifestyle changes like sleeping enough, regular exercise, and a healthy diet can help," says Dr. Shnaps, one of NJ's psychiatrists. Professional treatments include:
- Cognitive Behavior Therapy reduces negative thought patterns.
- Family Therapy helps the entire family to pinpoint and address problems within familial relationships.
- Problem-Solving Therapy is a short treatment focusing on treating a particular situation and feelings about it.
- Medication: Some drugs are available to use with childhood depression. However, some medicines for adults aren't as effective for children.
- Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is used with adults when other therapies don't work, and are sometimes used for older children and teens.

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