No Excuse for No Home Security Says Crime Prevention Products

August 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The majority of burglaries are carried out by opportunistic criminals who notice weak points in a property that won't take much fuss to break into, such as easily opened windows, doors and garages. For this reason reliable security providers such as Crime Prevention Products stress the need for all home owners and tenants to install safeguards against this.

There is now a wide range of home security measures to choose from, matching every budget. From door chains and security lights to wireless burglar alarms that can be easily installed without an electrician, peace of mind no longer has to be an expensive bother.

The first thing home security specialists advise is for people to look at their property through the eyes of a potential intruder and identify the obvious weak spots. Key areas to look at are:


These are the most obvious access points and without fail they should have strong locks. For robust but affordable prevention of entry through doors or to screen visitors, key chains and restraints are effective at preventing an opening of more than a few inches. Door wedge alarms will sound an alert when they are depressed from the action of a door opening, while wireless keypad door alarms will signal as soon as a door is opened.


These are the second most common entry point for criminals. There is a wealth of options for home owners and tenants to choose from when it comes to securing these. Reliable window locks will fit discreetly onto a window to prevent it from being opened until unlocked by a key. Window alarms are easily attached to window frames and range from simple devices that set off the alert when a window is opened to the more sensitive alarms that will detect vibrations such as the window being tapped or broken.


Security lighting is an excellent deterrent for criminals as they will be put off from trying to gain access in brightly lit areas where they can be easily seen. These use infrared sensor technology which detects movement within a set range.

Blanket Protection

For a home security system that covers the whole property, there are two types hard wired and wireless. While hard wired systems are effective, they often require a professional installation and can be tricky in terms of where to place the wiring without getting in the way. Wireless burglar alarms are fast gaining in popularity as they generally only require a fast do-it-yourself installation to have all access points of the home secured. They are also more affordable than their hard wired counterparts.

Home Security While Away

Since most burglars prefer to access a property when it is empty of people, security providers strongly advise people to put measures in place to tackle this. Firstly, it's important to keep valuables out of sight from passers-by who may look through windows and from intruders if the worst happens and they gain access to the home. There are very inexpensive safe cans and books on the market to conveniently hide cash and other valuables such as passports. An effective way to make it look as if the home is occupied are timer switches, which turn lights and appliances on and off to give the appearance of human activity and there is even a digital light that mimics the effect of a television in a room so that from the outside, it looks as if someone is in watching TV.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, comments, "Sadly the days when people could leave their doors and windows unlocked are very much over. With home security measures constantly being developed to fit everyone's pocket, there really is no excuse for people not to take peace of mind in their own hands when it comes to feeling safe in the home."