CRS Views Multi-Channel Marketing as Key to Retail Success in Canada's Changing Market

August 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, August 12, 2010 Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS), the leading point of sale software provider in Canada, is passionate about providing the retail industry in Canada information on how to use technology to increase their bottom line. In keeping up with the changing trends of the retail industry, CRS has been zeroing in on the exciting developments of Multi-Channel Marketing and sees it as a key to tomorrow's retail success. "We have seen a lot of changes in the Retail Industry over the years, but this new version of Multi-Channel Marketing coupled with the ongoing advances in technology is revolutionary to the industry," said Scott Smith, General Manager of CRS.

Industry research suggests that over 46% of retail sales are influenced by the web and cross channel marketing in 2010. Smith is quick to point out that "the online and social networking potential for retailers is huge. This is far more than a trend." In today's retail industry the question is no longer 'if' you are present online or in the social networking space, because if you aren't you are already falling behind, but which channels you participate in. With so many channels available, all with varying adoption rates and potential, it is imperative for today's retailer to know who their customers are and which channels they are participating in. If you aren't following your customers across channels, know that someone else is.

Today's version of Multi-Channel Marketing is still pretty new, and at times it feels as though if it is changing almost daily. "The real potential will rest in the hands of the early adopters, those who aren't afraid to embrace these changes and are ready to work hard to stay on the crest of this wave, vigilantly following the channel path of their customer base." says Renae Kulhawe, Marketing Manager at CRS.

Canadian Retail Solutions will be exploring Multi-Channel Marketing and how it applies to retailers through a series of articles on their website. CRS will highlight the following channels: Web Presence & Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Mobile Marketing (M-Commerce) and Location Based Services, and Customer Loyalty programs. This is an exciting time in the retail industry with so many opportunities tied up in the changing roles of consumers and merchants.

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