Gold IRA Retirement Program From Regal Assets Could Mean Free Gold For Investors

August 14, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Regal Assets has launch a new Gold IRA retirement program to encourage individuals to add gold to their existing retirement plans. Regal Assets is offering a free gold coin for new clients and those rolling over or transferring retirement plans into a Gold IRA backed by gold bullion coins. For a limited time Regal Assets is giving a free gold coin that may amount to as much as an ounce of gold which in today's market has a value of over $1,200.00!

Gold IRA retirement accounts are not commonly mentioned by financial advisers and stock brokers for the simply reason that gold is not a company and will not pay them an incentive or kickback. However, it is the advisers themselves that are becoming the biggest fans of investing in gold bullion.

David Einhorn renowned hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital believes this theory whole heartily as in 2009 he sold his entire 4.2 million shares of GLD which amounts to $390 million in favor of owning physical gold.

The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 bring with it inflation and no plans of the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates. The only lucrative investment for smart investors in today's uncertain times is physical gold. It is the ultimate hedge against inflation as the price of gold counters the market and is a prudent move for any wise investor.

As an investment alternative gold is easy to purchase. Regal Assets offers precious metals retirement plans that allow investors the option of storing physical gold coins in their already existing retirement plans. This gives investors complete control over their retirement accounts and safeguards them against economic uncertainty.

For more detailed information on purchasing gold or starting a retirement plan thru a Gold IRA and taking advantage of the free gold coin offer call 1-888-700-9887 or visit