JKL Clothing Workwear Sales Steady During Recession

August 28, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
JKL Clothing, the online vendor specialising in workwear apparel, reported this month that sales in workwear clothing continue to bring strong revenue and profits to the company despite the current global recession and uncertainty of economic trading in the future.

Many economic analysts predicted in the first quarter of 2009 that the clothing market would enter a particularly difficult business period as the recession wore on. Economic forecasts suggested many companies could be faced with forced downsizing or, in a worst-case scenario, closing down altogether. JKL Clothing, however, bucked the trend.

"Organisational structure and online marketing and search engine optimisation were the focus of our investment efforts during this timeframe," said Jeff Harris, president and founder of JKL Clothing. "During the final months of 2009 we experienced increased website visitor traffic, more sales, and a notable increase in revenue and profits as a result of our investments. This made additional investments in the company possible."

Harris said that that the increase in profits allowed the company to make proactive investments and safeguard its future.

Even as other companies experienced slowdowns, JKL Clothing grew its workwear range and added market-leading brands Portwest and Dickies to its inventory.

Jeff Harris commented that whilst other companies experienced slowdowns, JKL Clothing's investments in merchandise expansion and aggressive marketing campaigns paid off.

"We concentrated on the overall workwear early in 2009, and we were confident this particular sector could withstand the slump in the economy. Our investment paid almost instant dividends," Harris said.

JKL Clothing is expected to continue growing its workwear ranges and to increase its online presence, and they're confident that revenue will remain strong and steady.