New Final Fantasy XIV Guides Made Available

August 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fans have long discussed why each Final Fantasy series is called Final Fantasy when in fact whenever a new series is launched, it is never the last one. Nevertheless, with each new launch in the series, Square Enix has the gaming community surprised with not only the highly acclaimed graphics and artwork but with new features and gaming techniques.

The latest articles featured at are a guildleves guide and an Eorzea survival guide. The Eorzea survival guide provides a quick overview of the minimal essential aspects every gamer should understand in order to make it in Final Fantasy XIV. An explanation of TP and MP is given along with tips such as keeping in mind the available teleport option, and reading the colored spots on the map. An explanation of equipment durability is also given with recommendations.

Questing in the latest Final Fantasy series is different from the traditional MMORPG questing in which players can take on quest by talking to NPCs. The concept of guildleves and levequests are introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. The site, has recently posted an introductory guide on guildleves and how it works in the game. The concept of guildleves let players choose their own preferred difficulty level when it comes to quests depending on how many people are in the party. Leves can also be sold as a means to make money.

Previously, the website offered a rather detailed guide to the four disciples, the armoury system and character progression. Visit to read up on the full articles.