ACOM Health 2010 First Half Marked by Exceptional Progress

August 30, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Atlanta, Georgia and Long Beach, California, August 30, 2010 Buoyed by the growing recognition among Chiropractors that technology-supported business knowledge holds the key to prosperity in the evolving healthcare environment, the ACOM Health Division of ACOM Solutions, Inc. recorded significant progress across its Consulting, Sales and Operations units during the first half of 2010, according to General Manager Mark Firmin.

Firmin said, sales have accelerated dramatically this year, with first-half software solution revenue doubling the volume that was recorded for 2009. The increase stemmed from several influences, he said, not least a growing sense of urgency among doctors wanting to take advantage of stimulus bonus checks available for certified software beginning in 2011 under the HiTech Act.

"We guarantee that our RAPID Chiropractic Software will be certified for reimbursements under the HITECH Act and that motivates doctors to take a serious look," he said. "What they see is not just a HITECH compliant EHR software system, but one with an excellent, integrated patient records flow, an excellent suite of clinical and business management reports, and full automation of office paperwork. The long-term value is in a more effectively functioning practice."

Firmin forecasts continuously improving sales results for the second half. Division Sales Vice President Sam Mikhail is actively scouting for sales professionals, including non-practicing Doctors of Chiropractic, to join the team.

In Operations, the division not only doubled the size of its professional services group, but also adjusted its methodology for handling software implementations. According to Operations Vice President Libby Guntner, each new customer is now assigned a dedicated project manager who controls the entire implementation cycle: consulting, configuration, and hardware customization, support and training. The cycle continues with the project's release to the technical support group, which conducts active outreach at the seven, 30- and 60-day touch-points.

The ACOM Health Chiropractic Consulting Group registered a 54 percent annualized growth rate over the same period in 2009, and at mid-year was showing accelerating growth, according to Chief Consultant Bharon Hoag.

The steadily improving results can be traced to several factors, Hoag said. "We are continuously refining our consulting service offering, which is heavily oriented towards creating productivity-based procedures in the chiropractic office," he said. "This includes engaging the entire office staff for prolonged change. On the promotional/educational side, we expanded our program of webinars and are working actively with State associations. Many of these groups have been hard-pressed to cultivate and sustain their memberships, so we are trying to help them develop programs that show doctors that the change they so sorely need can actually happen."

"Along with the other healthcare professions, Chiropractic is entering a new phase and we have invested heavily in providing the kind of support that doctors will need to prosper in it," Firmin said.

He further noted that the Division's progress during the first half of 2010 has established a solid foundation for dealing with the increased volume expected as the HITECH program commences and that ACOM Health is now well-positioned to respond to the needs of the profession.

About ACOM Health Division
ACOM Health serves chiropractors with software and services that enhance efficiency, cut costs, and increase practice revenue. ACOM Health's RAPID Chiropractic Software Suite consists of Clinical Documentation and Notes; Patient Education; Home Exercises; and Chiropractic Practice Management for billing, scheduling, patient management and detailed reporting. ACOM Health's Chiropractic Services team helps practices ethically and legally maximize their billings and collections, while streamlining practice operations. For more information, call 866-286-5315 ext. 217, email, or visit