Rehabilitation Exercise Software Company Awarded two Grants to Enhance Mavenlive Software

August 31, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA - Two grants from Canada's National Research Council recently were awarded to Prognition Corp., the rehabilitation exercise software company that created Mavenlive software.

Mavenlive, a web-based physical therapy electronic documentation software, automatically generates customizable documentation, letters and reports to referring doctors, presents best practice patient assessments and prescribes rehabilitation exercises, said Dr. Jay Winburn president of Prognition Corp.

One grant awarded to the company is to develop a community in which professionals can share knowledge.

"Currently, the most commonly accepted number is that it takes about 17 years from when something is known for it to become commonly used in practice," Winburn said. "This is a huge problem and different governments sponsor several conferences in any given year to address this issue."

The Mavenlive rehab software community will have aspects of a wiki, as well as a social community, he said.

The fundamental technology that Prognition developed uses a filter created from information gathered during a patient's assessment. That information is searched against all previous knowledge entered into the system to see if it is applicable.

If a bit of knowledge applies, it is presented to the healthcare worker, regardless of whether it has been known for a week or for decades.

The second grant is to develop the ability to collect outcome measures so that the efficacy of different treatments can be documented.

"Mavenlive was designed to make the implementation of best practices easier for clinicians, and we hope eventually to expand its use into many fields in health care," Winburn said. "Evidence must be gathered to determine what truly is a best practice."

This is an ongoing need, as new treatment modalities are constantly introduced. Even though randomized double-blind studies are the gold standard, they are quite expensive and are only done in relatively few situations, he said. Health care workers currently rely on anecdotal evidence. For example, someone tells someone else that something seems to work. Collecting outcome measures and analyzing them will be a major step up from anecdotal evidence.

Being awarded these two grants makes it possible for Prognition Corp. to continue improving Mavenlive, making it increasingly helpful to those who use it in their physical therapy practices.

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