Baseline Data Systems, Inc. Announces Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry Sync Service for Google Sync Users

September 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Torrance, CALIFORNIA September 16, 2010 - Reliable Service Syncs to Microsoft Outlook - Office Accelerator Wireless BlackBerry Sync Service an alternative for Google Sync users who require more functionality when syncing their Desktop computer and Outlook to their BlackBerry. Office Accelerator BlackBerry Sync addresses the limitations of Google Sync by allowing unlimited contacts and Calendar events to sync to their BlackBerry. In addition, Office Accelerator offers free phone support from highly trained technical professionals. The software also ships with a full client contact manager that allows users to network their computers and requires no Exchange Server, no BlackBerry Server. The Office Accelerator Sync requires no cables and can be done anywhere you have Internet access on your BlackBerry device.

Office Accelerator BlackBerry Sync is a Sold as Service
Where as Google Sync is downloaded and installed as a software application, Office Accelerator BlackBerry Sync is sold as a monthly service. The BlackBerry user pays a monthly fee and in return Baseline Data Systems, Inc. makes it simple to install the needed software and the company dedicates itself to keeping their clients BlackBerry syncs up and running. "My 25 years' experience in the computer industry, has taught me that synchronization products should be sold as a service, where there is a company accountable for keeping your sync working. You need the ability to contact that company on a moment's notice and get any issues resolved in a timely manner. Google currently do not provide this with their Google Sync software." Says Baseline President, Chris Furgis.

Constant Backup Technology (CBT)
With integrated CBT technology your Blackberry data is safe from loss, theft and accidental resets. Should disaster strike, simply replace your Blackberry and re-sync. The previous BlackBerry device will be locked out, and your data will be restored where you left off.

Data Maintenance Utilities Provided

Office Accelerator- Full Featured CRM Included
The Office Accelerator BlackBerry Sync Service includes the award win ning Office Accelerator Desktop CRM (Phone Book and Calendar software) package that provides a robust and networkable CRM solution. Included, is the industry award winning integrated Accelerator Macro Suite which provides user friendly mail merge and email mail merge functionality to both Microsoft Word and Corel Word Perfect. Also included with the Office Accelerator CRM are powerful marketing tools to help you stay in contact with the people that matter most to your firm or business.

About Google Inc.
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About Baseline Data Systems, Inc.
Baseline Data Systems is located in Torrance, California, just 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles. We have developed award winning software products and services for over 20 years. Our flagship Office Accelerator product line has won numerous industry awards and has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide.