Allied Wallet Launches Persistent Compliance Defense

September 17, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Allied Wallet has engaged the Brand Protection Group to persistently monitor its entire merchant portfolio to ensure its clients remain in compliance with all laws, regulations, and card brand guidelines. This step forward will guarantee that each of Allied Wallet's ecommerce merchants will be able to accept credit cards without interruption and without the fear of the card brands bearing down on them. Allied Wallet's Persistent Compliance Defense (PCD) will come at no cost to any existing or future merchants who choose to use Allied Wallet's service.

In many cases merchants may be getting consumer traffic and processing transactions from websites with content that is not acceptable. The Brand Protection Group will monitor where these transactions are coming from to better see what types of transactions they are really processing.

"Instead of monitoring each and every single website, every day with our own employees, we are now able to have hundreds of professional 'watch dogs' seeking out incompliant products to protect Allied Wallet, our merchants, and their consumers." says Andy Khawaja, CEO and owner of Allied Wallet. "This protection is a huge step to ensure that Allied Wallet's future will remain bright and profitable. Additionally, it will allow our day to day procedures to run much more efficiently. Our clients and their consumers are the most important part of our operations, so it makes complete sense to add a new level of security to monitor against deceitful websites looking to defraud unsuspecting shoppers."

Allied Wallet's Persistent Compliance Defense is currently active and will not affect the operations of any merchants or [url=]ewallet[url] users who are compliant with standard laws, rules, and card brand guidelines.