New BackupAssist™ v6 eliminates more Windows backup hassles than ever before.

September 21, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Melbourne, Australia September 21, 2010- Cortex I.T. Labs have just released an update of their BackupAssist product that extends its "brilliantly simple" backup facilities to cover the latest Windows 2010 Business Products including Exchange Server 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2 and much more besides, providing a great value add to their product for SMB Systems Administrators and IT Service providers alike.

New BackupAssist v6 is packed with new features focused on tackling tricky Windows backup problems and reducing complications and hassles for SMB I.T. Systems Administrators and Service Providers alike. It offers new features for fully automated backups on Windows Hyper-V Server, Windows Server 2008 R2 and will be ready to facilitate easy internet offsite backups via Rsync to a much wider variety of "Cloud" hosting services, with greater encryption and security features than ever before.

While most backup software developers have been facing difficult times during the economic downturn, BackupAssist products have been going from strength to strength. It's a product that really has been tailored to the SMB user, offering ease of use, world's best practice backup strategies that help to optimize existing hardware and most importantly of all, a sensible licensing structure that makes it a value purchase for any size business, including the smallest.

"BackupAssist rose rapidly in popularity when it was first released in 2002, because it was the most cost-effective, versatile and reliable Windows backup software product on the market" says Linus Chang, CEO of Cortex I.T. Labs and Lead Developer of the BackupAssist product. "Now it's even better." he adds.
With a basic price point of just US$249.00 it's no wonder I.T. Service Providers and Systems Administrators worldwide are beating a path to Cortex I.T. Labs' door to get BackupAssist. "Our products have the added cost-saving advantages of a flexible licensing structure and reasonably priced subscription update program." Linus says. "We've basically made it so that once you purchase the product, you'll never have to buy backup software again. These are huge benefits for SMBs managing their own data protection and of course, the product has built-in business benefits for I.T. Service Providers as well."

In addition to developing the product to respond with backup solutions for newer Windows Business Products, the BackupAssist Development Team also works closely with its Resellers and end-user customers to develop features to meet their every day needs.

"Our biggest concern is giving our customers exactly what they need" says Linus. "We work hard to support world's best practices because our ultimate goal is to provide the best protection possible for our customer's data." he adds.

BackupAssist v6 also includes the facility for VSS Application Backup and Restore in the BackupAssist File Replication, ZIP and Rsync Engines as well as an easy search facility when selecting what VSS Applications you want to back up when Drive Imaging. "Backing up your VSS Applications is also a world's best practice standard, so it's important that you can do it easily with BackupAssist" Linus adds.

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