Crime Prevention Products Says Public Should Be Sensible About Safety

September 30, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
While violent crime in the UK is not half as rife as in many other countries, there is still the risk of assault, in particular after dark. Leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products advise people to take simple measures to ensure their safety without the need for such drastic steps as self-defence classes.

Personal alarms provide an excellent means of protection without the need to actually engage with an attacker. With the push of a button or pull of a lever, a piercing alarm of up to 140 decibels is an effective way to deter a criminal and alert others in the vicinity (they can be heard approximately a half mile away).

While women and the elderly have previously been in the majority of those advised to use a personal alarm, these days they are increasingly being used by a wide range of the population for safety measures. Anyone who finds themselves in an isolated area or risky work situation can benefit from this easy deterrent. Even employers are increasingly looking at this solution to ensure the safety of their workforce. The NHS, where shocking statistics estimate a healthcare worker is attacked every seven minutes in the UK, is a good example of this.

Affordable and small enough to easily carry in a purse or pocket, there is now a wide range of this type of product available on the marketplace. There are two main forms of personal alarm:

Battery Operated

These are simplest to use and tend to be the smallest in design (in some cases less than 5cm square). Many are offered as convenient key rings or fobs. In the event of an attack a cord or key chain is pulled to activate the alarm. They are also handy in that they can be thrown in a separate direction while a person makes their escape, meanwhile they cannot be de-activated by the assailant. They are most suitable for people who work in potentially dangerous situations.

Gas Operated

These devices require the owner to push down on a button which then locks and activates the alarm. The handy part is that a person can use any part of their body or a solid surface to do this. Although they produce a similar sound to the battery version, they tend to be much 'shriller' and thus more ear piercing. Generally, this type of personal alarm activates for 3 - 6 minutes of continuous sound for standard models. Most gas alarms are cylindrical, and typically around 10cm in height. There are smaller models however such as the miniature key ring gas alarm which can still produce a shocking 138 decibel blast of sound.

All in all, the choice of which alarm is best will rely on individual preferences and their circumstances. Both types of alarms are similar in affordability, ranging from £5 - £11. All provide a powerful alarm deterrent, and in the higher end price they offer added protection. Battery models can include additional strobe lighting or torches to further distract a criminal, while gas alarms can offer a repelling odour spray and an ultraviolet tracer that leaves no visible stain until detected by a police UV scanner.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, says, "We've been selling personal alarms since 1992 and I'm glad to be seeing more public awareness of this easy security measure. With the range of products on offer and their low prices, there is really no reason why everyone shouldn't boost their sense of safety by having one in their pocket or purse."