eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency offers peace of mind with global terrorism and war risk insurance for European travel.

October 04, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Derek Patterson with eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC ( is asking some tough questions of their clients, now that the war on terrorism has been heightened yet again, now in Europe and the UK. "We don't expect or want you to cancel your travel plans, but are you adequately covered while traveling abroad?", Derek asks.

This weeks announcement by Secretary Clinton and the US Department of State, issuing a terrorism travel warning to all of Europe and the UK, will leave a mark on the European tourism industry this Fall and Winter and possibly well into 2011. But to the rest of the hundreds of thousands of US citizens (and non-US citizens for that matter) that reside abroad, travel for business or are already students or studying abroad… what then?

It is highly recommended in today's atmosphere of heightened alerts and global terrorism scares that one must consider their exposures. By "exposures" Mr. Patterson is referring to such things as, "Do you have enough medical, life or disability insurance while you or your family are on assignment or living abroad in such conditions AND will they cover you in case of a terrorist incident?" Mr. Patterson continues, "One wouldn't typically leave home without a toothbrush… why then would that person leave home without making sure their family back home or their estate is fully and securely protected, covering such perils that exist now in the 21st century? Prior to 9/11, Americans wouldn't have given these topics a second thought… now they must."

Whether an independent contractor working in the Middle East for more cash to send back home to the wife and kids, expatriating to Europe to reside in France or just sending a child to a semester abroad in London… eGlobalHealth notes that Europe and Asia are now, more than ever, on the hit list by Al-Qaeda and terrorist factions.

"It certainly isn't advocated that one allow such events to force a cancellation of travel plans". Derek continues, "It is advocated that being wise in how one assesses their financial needs abroad, up to and including appropriate insurance coverage, and making sure to have 'acts of war and terrorism' included. Very few insurance carriers in the world will insure such a risk."

Having connections with certain Lloyds, London personal accident insurance underwriters has positioned eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC to be a leader in the special risk insurance industry marketplace for assisting their clients one on one with such exposures and perils. eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC has recently re launched their main brokerage site online at . They invite you to visit and inquire if they can assist with any global travel insurance needs. Mr. Patterson also notes that they can work with other agents on behalf of their clients in marketing these very unique programs. eGlobalHealth recommends to current agents to review their speciality site at as well.

Safe travels!