Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games Enters the 2010 MLB Playoffs with the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge and Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series games.

October 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Fantazzle Fantasy Games enters the 2010 MLB playoffs with two new fantasy baseball playoff games, the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge game and the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series game.

The new fantasy baseball playoff games come at the perfect time, as Fantazzle draws to a close on its successful 2010 season of daily and weekly fantasy baseball games, where the fantasy site routinely made fantasy baseball available for day and night games through its Fantasy Baseball Challenge game.

The Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge game operates exactly like Fantazzle's regular season Fantasy Baseball Challenge game, except it is played for the entire duration of the 2010 MLB playoffs, allowing players to extend their fantasy baseball season into the playoffs. The Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series game takes the fantasy baseball playoffs to a whole new level, offering users three opportunities to play fantasy baseball and win cash in a round-by-round game.

"We were already a major player in fantasy baseball with daily and weekly games, but with the playoffs coming up, we wanted to do something special to keep people interested in fantasy baseball, while offering something unique," said Fantazzle founder, Ryan Parr. "Our two new fantasy baseball playoff games let us continue the season-feel of regular fantasy baseball with the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge, while maintaining a short-duration feel with the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series game. We're all about constantly changing and improving our games and the way our community sees them, and that's exactly what we're doing with these fantasy baseball playoff games."

All of Fantazzle's fantasy baseball playoff games operate with the same scoring and roster settings as their regular season fantasy baseball games, and also award cash prizes to the winners of the respective games. The Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge game awards the winner at the end of the MLB playoffs, while the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Series awards winners cash prizes for three rounds - the Divisional Round, Conference Championship Round, and the World Series.

Fantazzle's Fantasy Baseball Playoff Challenge game will also offer a special 50-player free entry game, which will award the first place winner into a SuperStakes Sundays Satellite game, while the next four finishers will get cash prizes.

In addition to their new fantasy baseball playoff games, Fantazzle continues to raise the bar in the fantasy gaming industry with new games and fantasy promotions. After teaming up with Baltimore Ravens' star running back Ray Rice for a free fantasy football game for its community, Fantazzle also created SuperStakes Sundays, a weekly high stakes fantasy football game to add a more competitive dimension to its games.

Fantazzle's new fantasy baseball playoff games and other ongoing promotions are mere examples of the constant dedication toward growing and improving on an already versatile brand of fantasy sports games.

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