Isthmus Manages Large Case Volumes – With a Small Team – Thanks to i-Sight Case Management Software

October 06, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Wednesday October 6th, 2010 - Announced today by Customer Expressions Corp. (CEC), Isthmus Professional Corporation has selected i-Sight Case Management Software ( to make it easier for clients to enter workplace compensation claims.

The Challenge

Workplace compensation often ranks as the single biggest payroll expense for many employers. Once a workplace injury occurs, it can be difficult for employers to get employees back to work safely, on time and with minimal cost to the company. Isthmus is a disability management services provider for workplace injury claims in Canada. Isthmus gives employers the voice they need when dealing with the Workplace Compensation Board system through advocating for them. Ultimately, Isthmus assists companies in minimizing the costs companies incur from injured employees.

"We provide something intangible, so what we do can't be a mystery," said Shane Frost, Client Relations at Isthmus. "Keeping clients up to date on what we're doing, with reporting, is very important."

When Isthmus opened its doors, the company immediately recognized the need for a case management system ( The team sought specific capabilities for its case managers and clients, including web-based case management, a website for direct client entry of case information, and a powerful reporting engine.

The Solution

Isthmus looked at a number of case management software solutions. Initially, company managers expected to need more than one product to accomplish their goals. However, web-based i-Sight Case Management Software ( provided the complete package.

"We thought we would have to compromise on some of our needs, but i-Sight has everything in one software product," Frost said.

i-Sight offers workflow management and the advanced reporting that Isthmus and its clients require to understand the status of cases. Additionally, Isthmus could easily customize the software for its specific needs and be managing cases with the hosted software within the short timeframe the company desired.

Online Input, Reporting for Isthmus' Clients

Additionally, Customer Expressions created a section of the Isthmus website for clients to enter claims directly at any time. As a web-based feature, a shop floor supervisor or a client contact working late at home can easily enter new injuries or check on the status of current ones without needing anything installed on their computers.

"When clients are reporting injuries to us, it can't be a burden," Frost said. "It needs to be easy and fast. Web access is a tremendous benefit for our clients."

From start to launch, Customer Expressions worked to ensure that i-Sight fit Isthmus perfectly as opposed to Isthmus changing to fit the software.

"It's really important that we're not being put into a rigid process," Frost said. "We knew that we wouldn't have the final product right out of the box. Customer Expressions got our configured case management system up and running very, very quickly. They acknowledged our objectives and really worked with us to deliver our vision."

Molding to the Firm's Needs

Consultants from Customer Expressions worked closely with Isthmus to understand the business, recommend functionality to match, and implement customizations.

"Customer Expressions took time to learn about our company before we configured the software and along the way we never lost sight of that," Frost said. "We handed them a tremendous amount of requests and they always worked with us on each and every one of them."


With a hosted case management solution, Isthmus and clients have anytime access to cases from any location. For Isthmus staff, i-Sight supports a smooth case management flow from initial entry to backend reporting, enabling the company to do more with a smaller team.

With online case entry and reporting ( saving clients time Isthmus sets itself apart from other workplace compensation management providers.

"As we strive for excellence in all we do, we see this leading software as a competitive advantage," Frost said.

About Customer Expressions

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Customer Expressions ( is a leading provider of web based complaint software, case management software and investigation software. Customer Expressions has gained an international reputation for best-in-class software to optimize the management of various business processes. The privately held firm provides i-Sight, integrated case management software for investigations, call tracking, customer service, complaint handling, corrective and preventive action management (CAPA Management), and other business processes that require case management.

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