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October 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Diego, Ca, Oct 11, 2010 - With the country still in the midst of an ongoing recession, career site wants to help job seekers stimulate their search. "The majority of unemployed people believe that there are not jobs available," says Shannon Gearing, Marketing Manager for "This is simply not true. Over 750,00 jobs were saved or created under the Recovery Act during the second quarter of this year alone, and 2.6 million since the stimulus was enacted last year."

So if jobs are available, how can candidates improve their chances of securing one? Based on research, the following advice can help jobseekers stimulate their search:

Connecting The Dots

It is crucial for a jobseeker to understand what is working in their job search. This enables them to apply their effort to those activities that are yielding results. Climber offers its users real time analytics that help steer job seeker behavior. Premier members can track how many resumes they have sent and to whom. They know how many recruiters have viewed their profiles, the number of jobs searched and applied for and how many times their profile has appeared in search engines such as Google. The reporting suite enables candidates to become aware of their overall job search productivity.

PR for your Career

"Think of us as a PR company for your career," remarked Mike O'Brien CEO of, "we are actively networking you with the right people so that when the opportunity arises you are the first person they think of." Recruiters are now more likely to hire from their networking activities than from their jobs postings. Climber's "PR" strategy helps a candidate properly market themselves through social media, profile search engine optimization and active business networking. This puts the candidate directly into the hiring manager's network and a gives them a greater chance of being contacted first for new opportunities.

Taking The Initiative

In the current economy, applying to a position or sending in a resume is simply not enough. Climber's Recruiter Directory enables jobseekers to network directly with the hiring managers and recruiters at their target companies. Additionally, Climber enables users to interact with recruiters on its proprietary network as well as helping candidates and recruiters grow LinkedIn networks. With Climber Premier, jobseekers are allowed a two-way communication with the executives in charge of hiring, enabling them to take a proactive approach in their search.

For more information please contact Shannon Gearing at 619-618-4205.

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