New Product Teaches Budgeting Skills In Tough Economic Times

October 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Steve Nolan, president of Nolan & Associates, LLC announces the release of their new product, My Budget Box, for distribution in the United States.

My Budget Box is a family cash budget planning system that is simple to use. It assists in setting a home budget that can be easily adhered to without large investments of time or money.

"With the worldwide financial crisis lingering and no end in sight, it is of paramount importance that families and individuals get a grip on their personal financial situations" says Mr. Nolan. "We can see what a lack of developing and maintaining a realistic budget has done to countries throughout the world, including our own United States. It is time we exercised some common sense and responsibility in handling our own finances."

Mr. Nolan further states, "With the tightened grip on financing and loans, the ability to handle cash is imperative. We need to begin to move away from using credit and debit cards and become committed to using cash for everyday purchases."

My Budget Box teaches a simple system of establishing a cash household budget while helping to save money. It is available online at or by email at

Steve Nolan has been working in the financial industry helping people with their money for almost 30 years. He has worked with individuals, families and businesses to develop and maintain sound financial programs. He has assisted families with their personal budgeting and set them on the path to gaining control of their household spending. His years of experience and expertise are the basis for the principles taught with My Budget Box.

Heidi Nolan, Ph.D., has her degree in clinical psychology. She has taught and mentored both undergraduate and graduate students at the university level since 1990. She has also worked clinically with individuals and families in many personal situations. Her unique understanding of the psychology of budgeting and saving is applied to the methods utilized with My Budget Box.

Together, this husband and wife team has developed the system they use for their own personal cash household budget. They would like to share it with others in the hope that it will set them on the path to successful home budgeting and allow them to gain control of their cash spending.

For additional information please contact Steve Nolan by email at or by phone at 402-730-4834.