There's Another Option Besides CCTV Says Crime Prevention Products

October 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
CCTV has become an important tool in the fight against crime. Some companies however can struggle to afford the cost of video surveillance. In this case, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products recommend they look at the option of having an affordable substitute which will still go a long way in deterring criminals.

Dummy Cameras, if bought from a reputable supplier, look exactly the same as real CCTV surveillance because they use real camera casings, yet can be bought at a fraction of the cost. Another effective solution to boost security while saving money is to use real CCTV in the highest risk areas of a property, but use dummy cameras in other areas as far as an intruder or thief is concerned, they will all appear to be authentic live surveillance.
Another benefit of using dummy cameras is that their installation is relatively easy, there is no need to store the recorded videos and the equipment itself is conveniently low maintenance.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, says, "We want property owners to understand that instead of balking at the price of CCTV and choosing not to have video surveillance, they have a sound substitute with dummy cameras. It's far better to have a fake camera than nothing at all it's a big deterrent to criminals when they think they're being monitored. Plus, with companies such as ours who use real camera housings, criminals can't tell the difference between fake and real camera surveillance."

It can also be a good idea to opt for dummy cameras that include a flashing battery operated LED light function this enhances their authentic appearance and helps attract the eye to the camera so that criminals are alerted to the fact that they are under surveillance.

A further enhancement to the effectiveness of dummy cameras is to have professionally produced and clearly visible warning signs which highlight the fact that the property is under CCTV protection. This warning can often be enough to prevent opportunistic criminals from entering premises.

When choosing camera security, it's important to make the right selection, as there are different styles for indoor and outdoor use. The cost of an internal dummy security camera with an authentic housing generally ranges from £20 to £35. These are available as standard rectangular shaped cameras or dome models which are highly effective in that they make it hard to tell which direction the 'camera' is directed at. The cost of a dummy camera for external use ranges between £30 and £100 the higher pricing for these reflects on the fact that as with their CCTV counterparts, they need to be rust and weatherproof resistant. At the high end price for these models there are replicas of the authentic large cameras which measure almost 40cm in length and are effective deterrants in industrial locations or car parks.