Olympic Athlete Uses Snowboarding Simulator to Train During Off-Season

October 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Ryan McDonald, professional snowboarder and former olympic bronze medalist, has discovered a new way to train during the off-season.

He rides a specially designed skateboard with only 2 wheels, called the "Tierney Board", that simulates the carving sensation felt on a snowboard.

"I have been training on my T-board all summer", says McDonald. "I work on my riding technique with the T-board and really like how it performs. There is no other streetboard that comes this close to snowboarding."

The unique construction of the T-board allows it to reach unlimited speeds, while enabling the rider to turn at about a 40 degree angle due to its leaning capabilities, similar to a motorcycle.

The T-Board uses an advanced torsion control system on the front wheel, so that as the rider leans to the left or right, the board responds by initiating a smooth, fluid turn - just like a snowboard on its edge.

The US Snowboard Team also uses it as a regular training tool.

Peter Foley (Head Coach, US Snowboard Team) recently offered his comments on the board; "Members of the US Snowboard Team have tested the T-board and found it to be a great cross training tool… the body movements used in T-boarding are very similar to snowboarding. Most importantly T-boarding provides the same carving sensation as snowboarding."

Watch a video of the T-Board in action at http://www.tierneyrides.com/index_int.html

More information on the T-board is available at http://www.tierneyrides.com