Superior Lamp Helps Eliminate Cyber Bullying

November 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Superior Lamp ( announces its campaign to help eliminate "Cyber Bullying". The statistics are growing: "Half of public school principals (49%) report that bullying, name calling, or harassment is a serious problem. There was a time when most people figured that a certain amount of hassling was just a part of the maturation process. Today the whole bullying a phenomenon has gotten way out of hand.

With the computer and the instant ability to make comments based in fact or fabricated, that are spread for any and all to see the chaos and damage that
can be done is devastating to anybody that is targeted. This effect is not just something that is solely being demonstrated by unmonitored youth, but has become prevalent throughout our society.

Oftentimes our youth is blamed for creating new and devious ways to wreak havoc on their peers. Well, in this case the blame may lie in another area of our
culture. While the internet has been a value in some areas, the unbridled and unrestrained venue that the internet provides, has created again a new term that
has raced to the top of our vocabulary, "Cyber Bullying".

The biggest part of this equation is that this was not something created by our children, rather it is what the adults of our community that have not only allowed
this to prosper but have encouraged it on a daily basis.

Take a look at the current negative ads that we allow. All political parties employ this tactic to belittle their opponent. Oftentimes, there is little or no corroborated facts involved. The simple fact that we as members of our society let this continue is fodder for our children to lash out at people with which they come in contact. Until America makes a commitment to identify and eliminate all forms of bullying, cyber or otherwise, how can we expect our children to get the message.

Superior Lamp is going to list on its blog continuing updated information on where you can see and have access to sites that address this serious area of concern to all Americans. Superior believes it is time to put a stop to all bullying on the web as well as the school yard.

If a person sees comments that are unsubstantiated in nature and you do not correct or at least disregard this information you are not only a victim of bullying,
but also a contributor to its dissemination. We all have to become aware that just because somebody or some site states something does not make it true. This
nation has always had to deal with similar issues and by doing so, has moved forward and remained the great nation that we are.

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