Probiotics Supplements Provider and Creator of Nutri-Mastic, Intact Nutrition, Gears-Up for Presentation at the 2010 NAVEL Expo

November 04, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 4, 2010- The 2010 NAVEL Expo will be held in the Huntington Hilton's Grand Ballroom at the heart of elegance in Long Island. The expo promises to bring some of the best and brightest in the Health and Wellness industry together on November 7 for a single day of thought provoking discourse, seminars, and collaboration.

One of the largest meetings of Health & Wellness industry leaders in the country, the NAVEL expo plans to host more than 50 lecturers and 80-100 vendors. Among the numerous speakers and vendors attendees can expect to meet industry leaders in holistic medicine, natural remedies, and probiotics supplements.

The event attracts hundreds of industry professional from around the country as well as affluent Long Island locals who have realized the necessity of a healthy lifestyle and natural health market. Participants come to hear about, discuss, and explore the future of these new, natural treatments and holistic approaches in the global Health & Wellness market.

Jim Guerci and Bear Walker, two of the most highly-anticipated speakers of the entire event, will introduce a new line of natural health supplements and explain the unique natural health benefits of mastic gum. Guerci and Walker will discuss in depth the various benefits of their new line of Nutri-Mastic Total Health dietary supplements, which utilize the natural health benefits of the mastic gum.

Used in natural constipation remedies and bloating remedies by the Chinese, the Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures for nearly 2,400 years, Mastic Gum, found in the propriety formula used in Nutri-Mastic, has been proven to be extraordinarily effective in supporting a large array of ailments, discomforts, and deficiencies. Some of the history as well as a detailed explanation of the natural health benefits of Nutri-Mastic and how it came to be will be presented by Geurci and Walker at the expo.

Those interested in listening to Geurci and Walker's presentation can register for the expo at the NAVEL expo's website. If you would like to learn more about the new line of Nutri-Mastic total Health dietary supplements you can also visit their website

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