17 Year Old Pro Creates Used Car College, Hires Guru Dad

November 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Mooresville, NC - Some teens are into sports or racing, 17 year old Max Geller is all about being a new-age high-tech Used Car Dealer, while overseeing professionals teach his family's creative modern methods of running an internet based global used car dealership at Used Car College. Inspired by the number of dealership customers and friends that are impressed enough with the low-overhead, technologically advanced, exciting dealership model Geller's family operates that they ask, "Can you teach me how to do what you do? It is so cool!" While on a spring-break beach family vacation, Max decided to expand the established medium sized used car dealership into a unique reality hands-on training facility for those interested in dabbling in or making a career change into the used auto business. He hired his guru car dealer dad, who he learned it all from working after school and on weekends with him the past 9 years, to be the president of the school.

Max's creation, Used Car College, offers a 5 day Power Course exclusively devoted to teaching entrepreneurial individuals interested in owning, investing in or managing a high-tech used automobile dealership how to do this. Whether operating full-time or part-time, students are taught to become the most technically advanced, competitively advantaged Dealers out there - with "time to enjoy life" in the plan. Accelerated studies allow future dabblers, lifestyle dealers, investors and managers the opportunity to learn expediently and cost-effectively only what interests them, the recession resistant Pre-owned Automobile Business. Used Car College professes the latest version of focused academics with a "what's relevant today" curriculum.

Even in this changing economy the exciting $370+billion used automobile industry is expanding rapidly worldwide via the internet. Embarrassed people loosing their jobs locally search the internet privately to downgrade their high payment vehicles for less expensive used ones by emailing dealerships for information. Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq see cars and trucks online and purchase them online to be picked-up or sent to their loved ones awaiting their return. A businessman in Slovakia can log on to a website and buy his dream Shelby Cobra. This is the new-age used car dealers way of doing business globally.

Get immersed into a modern world of buying and selling used automobiles on the internet. Like a Stock Broker, Dealers research and buy wholesale automobiles just like stocks, now able to attend 30 auto auctions at the same time while sitting in their trading offices. They email, text, talk and make friends, just as any inside sales Business Executive multi-tasks, while moving their inventory offered for sale online; however, when marketed properly, there is typically a captivated audience contacting the dealership directly interested in a particular used car in stock. Dealers also now schedule appointments to see, drive and purchase their used vehicles, like a Doctor schedules patients.

Centering in on how to compete now, the experienced faculty with over 100 years of combined experience at Used Car College explain the importance of buying the right auto inventory at the right prices. Detailed research procedures, evaluation methods, preparation and marketing inventory for sale techniques, all are taught explaining the high-tech time saving options available to today's independent used car dealers. Students gain knowledge and confidence in a special "Dealership Lab", the established family dealership where the internship practices take place during class time.

According to CollegeBoard .com ,"Private 4 year colleges charge on average $26,273 per year in tuition and fees." That totals $105,092 and 4 years of time. NASCAR Tech costs over $54,000 and 2 years of time. Used Car College's Power Course tuition and fees total $9,995 and five days of your time.

This is not your ordinary college or trade school, as teenage Geller designed it to provide a useful education allowing for the instant gratification so desired today. In only five intense days, passionate auto enthusiasts interested in learning the high-tech used automobile business can study and earn a Certificate of Advanced Professional Power Education from Used Car College as they focus on how to get started competitively right now, both nationally and internationally, as owners, investors and managers of any modern 21st century used car dealership operation. For more information, visit www.usedcarcollege.com.