recognizes Drew Curtis for an Internet First: Getting all users of a social media website to agree with each other

November 09, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
NewYork, NY: Social media pioneer recognized internet pioneer Drew Curtis, founder of, for meeting's most difficult challenge: getting 3 million users of a website to agree with each other. issued the challenge on November 2nd to illustrate the diversity of the internet. Founder Drew Curtis won the challenge on the same day by posting a message chastising "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart for failing to acknowledge the large online community that made Jon Stewarts's recent Rally to Restore Sanity a success. Within a few moments all 3 million users of AGREED with each other that Drew Curtis was wrong to have posted anything on the topic. 3 million users all screaming in unison. In recognition of this stunning achievement is awarding $400.00 to fund math lessons for students in KY through the charity site: In keeping with the nature of the sites the donation was made in honor of: "Drew Curtis of, teh winnar of teh internets" [sic]. spokesperson Lindsay McGuire underscored the significance of the award, "The internet represents the diversity of all humanity. In today's hyperpartisan world getting 90 percent of a giant site like to agree on anything is monumental in scope and represents an achievement just as important and difficult as landing a man on the moon. I remind you on these sites we cannot even agree that we landed on the moon."

About Drew Curtis: Drew Curtis is the founder of and currently the only known person to have won this challenge.

About hosts several challenges for internet users including, "get everyone on a social media site to agree with you" and "run for office on a platform of 'be excellent to each other.'" has daily humorous pieces on today's hottest, organic, Tweets, iProducts, synergies, video games, and other social media buzzwords. Examples of popular pieces include "Everytime You Forward an Email You Donate To Al-Qaeda" and "Washington Undecided on Response to Alien Invasion"