Dr. John Horning MD Announces Expansion of San Francisco Urgent Care services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Launch of New Website

November 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
San Francisco Urgent Care Dr. John Horning MD is pleased to announce the expansion of his San Francisco Urgent Care services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Since launching his hotel and house call service in February 2007, Dr. Horning has seen increasingly significant demand for his services.

Dr. Horning discovered that house call medicine provides a great opportunity for the patient and the doctor to connect with each other, something he rarely had the chance to do during his tenure as an emergency room physician.

"Dr. Horning has proven to be an extraordinary physician whose kind bedside manner and excellent medical care have been an invaluable resource in my life. Being a native San Franciscan and growing up with physicians who made house calls, Dr. John is a delightful reminder of how wonderful it was to have a doctor come to your home for treatment," said Ms. Francesca Florsheim. "The personal attention, time, and prompt care in the privacy of your own home are all important aspects of his service. His emergency room expertise makes Dr. Horning even more invaluable in the care that he can provide."

In conjunction with expansion of his San Francisco Urgent Care services, Dr. Horning has also launched a completely re-designed website www.urgentmedhousecalls.com. The site was fashioned to allow easy navigation and provide useful information at the fingertips of the site's visitors.

"I'm committed to providing the best possible urgent care house call services to my patients," said Dr. Horning. "After working for years as an emergency physician, I see an unfulfilled need for a kinder, gentler and more convenient urgent care option for patients. There's no need for patients to suffer needlessly while waiting for care in the emergency room."