Britannia Living - Why A Good Cooker Is Not A Waste Of Money And Why Kevin McCloud Is Wrong

November 12, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
According to Kevin McCloud (as quoted in The Times on 5 November) one should not spend money on quality kitchen appliances as new owners invariably rip the kitchen out to have a new one installed. Britannia Living disagree and believe this statement is short sighted and shows that Kevin McCloud (the presenter of Grand Designs) probably has never experienced the pleasure of using good kitchen appliances.

Good kitchen appliances inspire your cooking the introduction of steam ovens, for instance, have changed the way people cook; the availability of various cooking functions can encourage trying or developing new recipes. The enjoyment of cooking is increased when you use good quality appliances the feel of robust oven doors, the quietness and effective extraction of quality cooker hoods, the power of good wok burners or the controllability of induction zones.

It is a cliché but the kitchen is the heart of the home should this not be the place where you spend your money even if when you sell your home the new owners are not necessarily enamoured of your kitchen?

Kevin McCloud might think spending money on a car is better value because "it makes you look more beautiful or increases your manhood", but cars are often traded in for the newest model after only a few years. A well-built range cooker can last many years.

Henneke Duistermaaat, Sales and Marketing Director at Britannia Living, comments: "I have spent many days at various Grand Designs Live shows. Every year I meet Britannia owners, who come to tell us how happy they are with their range cooker. Some have had their cookers for ten or even fifteen years." Is it not worth spending money on an appliance that you will enjoy using for so many years?

Range cookers, more so than built-in appliances, can add value to a kitchen. Why would you otherwise see houses advertised stating that the kitchen features an AGA or a Britannia? And if the buyers of your home do not like your range cooker, you can always take it with you. A range cooker is a freestanding appliance, so it is relatively easy to move it together with your furniture. One could say: house for sale, but cooker not included.