Social Media Fails to Prompt Change, Funny T Shirts About Social Media Do

November 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vancouver, WA – Feel the need to share your status with everyone both on and off-line? An increasing number of social media users are taking their message beyond cyberspace, making online habits publicly available - on their chests. To serve these zealous users, announces its line of novelty t shirts for social networkers who like to wear their status on their sleeves.

From the "I google myself" shirt to the "Pardon me… I just tweeted" shirt, these funny shirts are changing the image of the most popular social media sites and their most avid and cynical users.'s most popular funny t shirts for social media users include:

— "I Wish I Could Block You in Real Life." If Facebook were a country, not only would it have the third largest population in the world, but it might well be one of the most peaceful thanks to its useful "block" feature. Printed on a familiar blue background, this novelty t shirt expresses a wish most Facebook users have shared at one time or another.

— "Pardon me… I just tweeted." The average person passes gas about 14 times a day. Twitter users produce about 90 million tweets per day, and 80 percent of those are made outside of the Twitter website – often in public, from mobile devices. This humorous t shirt encourages Twitter addicts to own up to their surreptitious tweeting habits.

— "I'm totally blogging this." The internet hosts more than 200 million blogs, many of them written by people who think every aspect of their lives is worth blogging about. also offers the "No one cares about your blog" shirt for those who beg to differ.

— "I google myself." At least half of adult internet users have googled themselves at some point. As stated, "The act of Googling oneself has become the digital age's premiere guilty pleasure – an activity enjoyed by all and admitted by few." This funny t shirt caters to ego-surfers who aren't ashamed to admit it.

— "On the Internet, I'm a 15 year old girl." More than 80 percent of internet daters lie about themselves online. This shirt serves as a reminder not to believe everything you read on the internet – or on a t shirt.

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