When technology is not enough London Green Marketing deliver

November 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
When it comes to providing events, sales and marketing your business needs to be showcased to bring in new sales. "We provide the expertise in raising brand awareness, sharing product knowledge and generating new sales" says Sam Green.

London Green Marketing is a thriving business on the verge of expansion throughout the UK and Ireland. Founder, Sam Green credits much of his success to "the hardworking and studious mentalities of our team". He has worked hard to create an environment that has been instrumental in "creating a young and vibrant atmosphere that helps develop people both personally and professionally".

"We have never just concentrated on the big boys, we accommodate all kinds of businesses" says Sam, "we aim to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them". It is this hard working methodology that has spelt success for London Green Marketing.

Campaigns range from in-store promotions, B2B corporate events, trade shows and indeed, anything that needs face-to-face interaction. "We know how to make our presence felt and, in that way, we present your company to the masses". "Basically, we help you make more money" says Sam, and he goes on to say "We tailor each sales and marketing strategy specifically for your business no two clients are the same". This means that LGM can guarantee a highly skilled and constantly developing sales team, a physical presence, and perhaps most importantly, financial results.

Sam Green says "At London Green Marketing, we do not believe in 'a market', we believe in people". "We can market any product to any person, anywhere". "In today's economic climate, being good is not enough. You have to sell yourself to the wider public. You may have the best product around but if the world doesn't know about it you're already on a downhill slope."

Sam Green acknowledges "We're not all naturally gregarious and it is very hard for some people to meet face-to-face and shout about their own products. That's why marketing outsourcing works you get the right people to do the right job".

Outsourcing has other advantages too; the ROI is usually very high so the overall cost of hiring a team is minimal. This far outweighs the alternative of using an in-house team with all the associated costs of full-time employment.