JMS Marketing explain why companies need to use direct sales and marketing outsourcing

November 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
"Every successful company knows the value of a well planned marketing strategy" says James Sagar, manager of JMS Marketing. "Many businesses think that it is only the 'big boys' that can have a direct sales and marketing team but outsourcing has changed all that". Even small businesses can outsource sales and marketing to a team of specialists and get results beyond their wildest dreams.

"Many businesses face difficult futures in this time of recession but the secret to success is to keep those sales coming in" says James; " I have known clients to say 'we can't afford marketing' but the truth is they can't afford not to market their business". "These are very competitive times and a good marketing strategy is a must if you want to stay ahead of the game".

"If you pick the right team your return of investment will be 100%, so it is false economy to say you can't afford it" says James.

Some businesses don't see marketing as a specialist job and think they can get their workforce to promote sales as part of their daily routine. "That's all well and good" says James, "but untrained staff get demoralised by the first rejection and find it really difficult to pick themselves up.

Direct sales teams are used to the knock backs it happens to us all but they know how to brush it off and move on".

A direct sales and marketing team can offer so much more.
They can take a company's products to a trade show or they can drum up trade in the shopping mall. They are not scared to approach the public and they do it in a professional, friendly manner because they know they are representing your company. "Marketers are a breed apart" says James from JMS Marketing "they are highly motivated, hard working and professional they get results".

In the current economic climate making the most of your business is essential, so outsourcing sales and marketing to a company like JMS Marketing should be a cost effective priority. Outsourcing has many advantages and few disadvantages. As a company, you only pay for the job to be done with none of the overheads associated with employing full time staff. The only possible disadvantage is that you have to trust another company with your brand and reputation this should not be an issue if you choose your marketing company carefully.