New Video Reveals Alarming Facts about Counterfeit Prescription Medications

November 17, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
London, England November 17, 2010 today announced the release of a new educational video that increases consumer awareness of the rapidly escalating problem of inferior or inadequate medications purchased online. This video exposé reveals the potential health risks of counterfeit prescription medications and shows consumers how to protect themselves from becoming a counterfeit prescription victim.

Research suggests that approximately 50% of the prescription medications sold online are not the real things. To the consumer, counterfeit drugs may look the same and they may even cost the same. But it's the way counterfeit drugs are manufactured that may cause serious health consequences and sometimes even death once the compounds enter the bloodstream.

"There have always been counterfeit versions of the most in-demand products. But all you stand to lose when you purchase bogus clothing, toys or electronics is your hard-earned money," said Nick Turner, Manager at "When consumers unknowingly purchase counterfeit prescription medications, they waste money, too. But they also put their health at great risk," he cautioned.

Instead of feeling better, counterfeit medications can make the person taking them sicker, mainly because of the ingredients. Counterfeiters use additives like boric acid, paint thinner, talcum powder and even other drugs when cooking up fake or inferior medications. Many additives are dangerous when ingested. Because consumers don't know what's inside the prescription drugs they take, they usually don't know they've taken a counterfeit until after it's too late.

Like other consumer goods, the video warns that the most popular and most expensive prescription medications are the ones most likely to be counterfeit. Anyone purchasing drugs for weight loss, cholesterol, erectile dysfunction and HIV from questionable online pharmacies located overseas and in the U.S. should be especially aware.

"As an escrow service for online pharmaceutical sales, we've heard the horror stories. We know the counterfeit medication problem is real and it's big. Every consumer who purchases prescription medications needs the information on this video to protect their health and their wallets," added Turner.

For more information on ways to reduce the risk of purchasing counterfeit medications online and better protect against becoming a victim of this escalating global problem, visit

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