Bronzes Beckon Terrys Fabrics

November 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Terrys Fabrics continue to stay on trend with their fabulous autumn collection of curtains, blinds and homewares that will make staying at home during the colder weather a cosy and comfortable experience.

Think of New England scenery and the best of our British woodlands when the leaves have begun to change colour and fascinate with their mixtures of golds, bronzes and coppery hues amidst burnt oranges and burgundies and you will have an idea. Not only are the colours a beauty to behold but the fabrics are cosy and inviting, delivering warmth and practicality when households need to keep out the seasonal chill.

Satin, chenille and velvet they all conjure up a richness and luxury in which any of us would desire to be cocooned during our traditional spell of hibernation. Heavier drapes can prevent heat loss and cut down on utility expenses, a throw to snuggle under whilst lounging on a sofa and a cuddly cushion can all offer a feel good factor that the outdoor sunshine gives us during the summer months.

Terrys Fabrics customers can take advantage of the fabulous competitive prices offered by the online retailer and transform a dull or drab living space into a vibrant and welcoming room with inexpensive, classy touches.

Decorating our homes has almost become an obsession for some people who will make purchases regardless of the economic climate and others are happy that they can afford to change their surroundings inexpensively so that their home looks stunning and they still will have a penny or two for festive fayre and gift or two underneath the tree.

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