Coupon Sherpa Shares Black Friday History

November 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In an effort to bring awareness to newer online holiday shopping holidays (such as Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day), Coupon Sherpa has compiled a miniature history lesson on Black Friday.

For instance, did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to make Thanksgiving a week earlier so merchants would have an extra week to advertise their deals?

This is just one of the many interesting factoids offered by Coupon Sherpa in their recent Black Friday History lesson.

Other facts shared in the lesson include the origin of the phrase "Black Friday" and the fact that our nation briefly celebrated two Thanksgiving Days (one of which was widely referred to as Franksgiving Day) as well as two Black Fridays.

To learn more about the surprisingly interesting history of Black Friday, check out Coupon Sherpa's miniature history lesson: "Once Upon a Time There Were Two Black Fridays" at: is one of four websites operating under the brand name "The Frugals" ( and dedicated to helping consumers save money and live more frugally.