New Drug & Alcohol Video Series Explores Addiction as a Symptom

November 24, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New nine-part video series from The Recovery Place drug and alcohol and drug addiction center shows addiction and its roots and aftermath through Sarah's eyes. By attending client-centered treatment for her addiction, Sarah is now in recovery.

Sarah's trauma began in elementary school when she was molested. She also suffered regular verbal abuse from her parents. Her severe internal pain led to cutting her arms and legs in order to express her pain. She developed an eating disorder as a way to find a sense of control in a powerless situation. Substance abuse became another overt symptom of her trauma.

John, CEO of The Recovery Place, stresses the importance of client-centered treatment for overcoming alcohol and drug addiction. He explains, "We aren't a program about addiction. Addiction is just a symptom, and until we find and treat the underlying causes, the addiction will just continue." John understands this approach not only as a certified addiction professional, but because he has been clean for over 10 years.

Through substance abuse treatment at The Recovery Place, Sarah has been able face her traumas more directly by developing the skills to deal with them. She is learning specific life skills and relapse prevention tools that are helping her transition from the inpatient addiction program and back into her daily life. Sarah has always been able to express herself through writing, but now she is learning to more openly share her fears and her pain with others. She is finding support through Narcotics Anonymous.

By only focusing on the addiction, people frequently and rapidly return to drug use when they are released from therapy. The underlying problems are still there, and are unvoiced and untreated. Addiction recovery is only possible if the underlying causes are addressed. Through this new drug and alcohol video series, Sarah shows how The Recovery Place client-centered care has helped her in overcoming her addiction.

About The Recovery Place:
The Recovery Place alcohol and drug rehabilitation center provides both residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. All treatment programs are designed for the individual client (and their families, as needed) and are fluid and transitional in their focus.