Why Dual Fuel Cookers are more versatile than Gas Cookers - Britannia Living

November 29, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The choice between a dual fuel and a gas cooker is mainly a choice between the versatility of electric ovens and the moist cooking environment provided by gas ovens. A dual fuel cooker has a gas hob combined with one or two electric ovens. A gas cooker uses gas as fuel for both the hob and oven(s). The hob functionality is, of course, the same for both cooker types.

Electric Range Cookers provide different styles of cooking. The optimal cooking function can be chosen for each recipe. The True Fan function of an electric oven, for instance, allows batch baking fairy cakes or biscuits on two or three shelves in the oven, while only one shelf could be used in a gas oven.

Multifunctional electric ovens are the most adaptable ovens because they have both fan and conventional cooking options. Britannia multifunctional ovens even have 9 different cooking functions. Each function allows one to select different elements within the oven, so that the heat is directed to the required cooking area. All Britannia ovens combine conventional cooking functions with grill options in one oven. A gas cooker always needs a separate compartment for grilling.

Gas ovens need more cleaning than electric ovens. Most Britannia range cookers come with stay-clean liners for the roof, back and sides of the ovens. Stay-clean liners help keep your oven like new. Simply heat the oven to maximum temperature for 45 minutes from time to time.

The most often quoted advantage of gas cooking is that it helps preserve the moisture in food. Electric ovens have come a long way since the first models were launched, and food doesn't dry out as it used to. Carol Potter, Britannia Home Economist, comments: "It is sometimes thought that electric ovens cook too fast, but when using a fan oven, the temperature should be reduced by 20 degrees. The Conventional Function of a Britannia oven provides the same cooking style as gas. This means that any dish can be cooked in a Britannia electric oven. Most home cooks prefer modern electric ovens."

Another perceived advantage of gas ovens is that preheating the oven ought to be much quicker. Thanks to the unique Quickstart function, however, Britannia electric ovens heat up to 200ºC in only 6 minutes.

Britannia currently provides both all electric and dual fuel range cookers. Follow the link to find out more about Britannia Range Cookers.