December 07, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SINGAPORE, December 7, 2010 – Vodien Internet Solutions is leading the charge as the industry leader for Singapore web hosting solutions with its continued commitment to customer support. John Jervis Lee, Vice–President Sales Engineer of Vodien Singapore emphasises the importance of customer care in the longevity of any business. "When a business grows or evolves, it is always important that its attitude and support structure to its customers grow as well. This is the keystone in maintaining growth as any failure in this department would lead to disaster" says John Jervis.

This customer centric attitude and support structure has been the fundamental business philosophy that the company and its owners believed in since the inception of the organisation some years ago.

Vodien's flagship 24/7 Super Support presents a service leadership standard which allows customers to call in with their technical difficulties or web hosting queries; no matter their location in the world, and most importantly, no matter the time as well. It is set up to provide the customer with multiple support and communication channels which include the phone, email, online live chat, web support as well as reference points that include expert articles and how-to's to meet all client support-level requirements.

"With Vodien's 24/7 Super Support, customers are not put through push-button automated help lines and voice mail recording that only promises next work day solutions. At Vodien, there is always a trained professional at the other end of the line ready to help customers with their problems. 24/7 Super Support exist to cut out all the problems and head-aches of web hosting by providing quick and effective problem resolutions, similarly for dedicated servers thus allowing customers to focus on doing business and maintaining strong web presence." says John Jervis.

Vodien's 24/7 Super Support translates into an experience that is incomparable to what other players in the industry have to offer. It is a challenge to the industry that more could definitely be done in terms of customer service. "We hope that other companies will follow in our lead and provide even better services and creative ways to enhance the customer experience. This can only be healthy for competition and in the end of the day, the customer benefits as well." says John Jervis.

In the wireless, globally connected village that is the world today, ideas of time and location have taken a backseat to the needs of on-demand availability. Organizations such as Vodien which provides web hosting and vps hosting solutions need to innovate and go the extra mile and provide the super support needed to maintain uninterrupted content and services driving the web ecosystem. For Vodien, this has always been a natural step forward in the direction of the company's goals.