DownloadNow - solution for downloaders

December 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
DownloadNow is an answer to downloaders' needs. User gets one account for many sites, high speed download and a panel to manage all your downloads (also a search engine is included). We provide access to the most popular file sharing sites, including:;;;;;;;;;;;

It's fast, secure, anonymous and convenient. User just has to paste the URL he or she wants to download from in a Download Center, wait as it's uploaded to the server cloud and then download it to desktop. Easy as it can be… If it's not, there's always the contact form or live chat.

As downloading is all about numbers - how much data can be downloaded, how fast and how long it'll be available. has two options - depends what you're aiming for:

The free account - user gets 256 MB of transfer, and then decides.

This one is actually going to be unavailable soon. User gets 256 MBs of transfer to try the service. It's a trial period when one can see which file sharing services are available, how fast is the downloading, is the site convenient etc. The transfer won't reload (which will occur on a Premium plan - 1 GB per day) and after using all of it, user should switch to one of the four Premium plans.

It pays off to start from this account as it enables users for DownloadNow's special offers, but it's time limited offer - it will be disabled soon (registration will remain free of course).

The Premium Accounts - Pay for many like for one
There are four options - 3-day account, 1-month account, 6-months and a 1-year account. The most popular is the 1-month account as users can cancel the service anytime (refunds will be reduced by the amount of money already used). They can choose whether the payments (via Plimus or Moneybookers, credit cards optional) are recurring or not (this you have to do in your user panel on Plimus or MB), so they won't have to worry about the account being disactivated without consent. Still, for a heavy downloader - it's better to buy 6-months or 1-year plan, as it is cheaper obviously.

The prices differ depending on the currency of use. Enough to say, they're more or less the same as a single account on any of the file sharing sites. User pays for many as if he'd pay for one. As for transfer, users get 5GBs for a start, and it increases every 24hrs until it reaches 15GBs. Users can buy additional transfer too, up to 25GBs. That's a huge amount of transfer, and even if they reach your limit one day, the next day you'll get a 1GB back as I mentioned.

Affiliate program
DownloadNow, as well as the file sharing sites, has its own affiliate program which allows affiliates to earn money from each Premium user. The cookie is infinite, the commission is lifetime and you get 30% from first sales and 15% from all the next sales. Affiliates get their payout after reaching 100$.