'Twas the night before Christmas

December 13, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
'Twas the night before Christmas, and the Ceatus Media team was on edge. They were waiting for Santa. Would he come? Would he hedge?

For they had sent him a letter - they had even asked twice. Would he agree to a makeover? He sure would look nice!

The time passed slowly - tick tock - like molasses. If he agreed to laser eye surgery, he could read lists without glasses!

There were other things, too, that could make him look and feel great - and maybe even drop some excess weight.

For starters, Santa's trademark ruddy cheeks are likely rosacea, says Denise Mann, editorial director for the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery and All About Facial Rejuvenation. "Some intense pulsed light treatments can eliminate his facial flushing - and there's almost no downtime, so Santa can get back to delivering toys to all the good girls and boys soon after a treatment."

Sure, part of Santa's jolliness is his big jelly belly, but all that extra weight around his middle puts our jolly old friend at risk for all sorts of obesity-related problems, including Type 2 diabetes. "He should talk to a bariatric surgeon about adjustable gastric banding with the Lap Band or the Realize band," says Mann, also the editor for the Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery. "Weight loss will certainly help him slide down chimneys with ease, but it does involve a commitment to making lifestyle changes - so he may have to lay off all of the treats left for him as he makes his Christmas Eve deliveries."

Marilyn Haddrill, editor of All About Vision, thinks it's time for Santa to ditch those old-fashioned spectacles in favor of corrective eye surgery or bifocal contact lenses. "Santa could then buy himself some cool-looking designer sunglasses and fly back to the North Pole in style after a night spent sliding down chimneys and delivering packages," she notes.

Greg Johnstone, associate publisher for the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, isn't one to point fingers, but "years of eating sugary holiday treats can take a toll on Santa's smile, and although he tries to get to the dentist twice a year as the ADA recommends, his busy schedule makes it difficult," he says. "Candy canes, sugar plums, cookies and eggnog are the makings of holiday cheer but, just for Santa's sake, a check-up for tooth decay, gingivitis and tooth discoloration is in order," Johnstone adds. "Fortunately, many treatments are available to preserve Santa's jolly smile, including dental fillings to treat the decay, deep cleaning and tooth scaling to reverse gingivitis, and Zoom teeth whitening to combat discoloration."

On the night before Christmas, the Ceatus team watched and waited to see the Santa they had created.
He arrived jolly and laughing, in a great Christmas mood - still the same old St. Nick, just new and improved!

(In case you're curious how St. Nick found all the right docs, he simply plugged his requirements into Ceatus' physician locator box.)

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