Solar Partners Roll Out Solar-Plus-Roof Solution Establishing A Higher Industry Standard

December 14, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
One Globe Renewables, LLC and partner Douglass Colony Group have introduced PV+Roof™ to commercial construction, architect/engineer and green-build industry professionals. The partners have responded to market demand with a roof-first approach that establishes a higher standard in the rooftop solar PV industry. The turn-key, fully-warranted end-to-end solar plus roof solution eliminates risk for building owners and paves the way for faster solar adoption.

"From the beginning, we knew our strategic collaboration with roofing specialist Douglass Colony Group made good sense, but we're now realizing the full power of the partnership," said Richard Chandler, CEO. One Globe Renewables administers the solar power purchase agreement for utility-scale and commercial solar energy generation projects. The PV+Roof™ resolves one of the greatest barriers to solar adoption in the commercial segment – roof viability.

Robert Bechtholdt, CEO of Douglass Colony Group comments that "as the solar industry grows, it is increasingly important that issues surrounding roof age, roof viability and voided roof warranties be addressed upfront, and that all solar developers exhibit a firm commitment to preserving rooftop integrity." PV+Roof™ is a combined solar PV plus roofing solution that includes turn-key, fully-warranted solar and roof installation with end-to-end performance guarantees.

The companies believe that PV+Roof™, coupled with the new "repair vs. capitalization" tax opportunity, will significantly bolster solar initiatives. One Globe will help commercial real estate owners and professionals understand and capture new tax deductions, define economically feasible portfolio solar retrofit strategies and implement the PPA where applicable. "We're committed to delivering the most reliable, economically attractive solar solutions in the industry and the PV+Roof™ is just one more example of that commitment," states Chandler.

Douglass Colony Group, a leader in commercial roofing, metals fabrication and waterproofing added a solar division in 2007. The company has installed and maintained solar power for government, municipalities and private industry, becoming a regional authority in solar power for commercial entities. One Globe Renewables is a solar project development company that brings financial strength, the solar power purchase agreement, and business asset modeling to the solar equation. Together they turn non-producing rooftops and vacant land into solar energy producing assets for owners and investors.